Thursday, 25 September 2014

If in doubt, work it out

I was looking back over my blog history and realised I haven't published anything yet this year. Shame on me. It doesn't feel like that as I have been working on a few posts that haven't quite seen the light of day as yet. Perhaps that's why I hadn't realised or posted something sooner.

Someone once said that if you are struggling to write your posts, or have a few drafts waiting on their final edit, then just post something. Anything. A quick burst of productivity to get the ball rolling again.

So here it is folks, something short and sweet to show the blog is still active and that much more will be coming soon. In the pipeline we have a couple of reviews and a piece on learning and fitness apps. Hopefully they will be escaping from my drafts sections shortly...

One last wee bit to give this post some link back to technology before I sign off.

iPhone bend test

Its been an interesting week or so for apple. The iPhone 6 was released and snapped up by keen fans as always. However there are reports surfacing of problems with the phones bending if too much pressure is applied. Couple this with existing apple users, myself included, experiencing issues when upgrading their devices to iOS8, and problems after the upgrades is applied. Only yesterday apple withdrew the follow on 8.0.1 update as this had been causing some devices to loose connectivity amongst other issues.

It will certainly have been a week to remember for apple, both on the good and bad sides. The interesting part will be to see where they go from here. Can it be spun and resolved like the iPhone5's Antennagate issue? How quickly will the software updates appear and will users soon be singing their praises again?

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